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"Brilliant, brilliant, the kids loved it."


Sports coaching

led by Olympians 

We are Olympians with an understanding of grassroots sport through to elite level and are on a mission to:

1 - Support children develop a lifelong love of sports and physical activity.

2 -  Encourage adults to be active and play sport.

Here is what we do:

Multi-sport and sport specific coaching

Scientifically designed with Olympians and sports specialists

Build confidence, self-esteem and friendships

High-quality coaching for every child at every age

Teach fundamental gross motor and sports skills

Use the Olympic values to balance a healthy body & mind

Coaching Workshops And Classes

Badminton Coaching Workshops
Developing shots, movement and match play whilst building knowledge, confidence and teamwork with healthy competition.

Multi-Sport Coaching Workshops

Children will be coached in a range of sports focusing on the development of gross motor skills and concepts such as teamwork, communication and game play.

Netball Coaching Workshops

Improving skills including passing, dodging, marking, shooting and footwork, whilst encouraging decision making and teamwork.

Badminton Classes

Weekly sessions for beginners, intermediate and emerging players to learn skills, grips, techniques and shots.

Multi-Sport Activity Classes
A positive and happy experience to develop coordination and increase their confidence. Laying the foundations of movement, improving skills whilst having lots fun!

The Seven Values of the Olympic Games

Throughout our classes and coaching workshops we use the Olympic values as a catalyst to inspire children towards finding enjoyment in striving for personal excellence, developing respect for others and making fulfilling friendships.



Have you earned one of our seven Olympic Values Medals?

Find out more about them here

Meet the Team


Donna Kellogg MBE OLY

Lead Coach


Natalie Barton OLY

Lead Coach


Sarah Chapman OLY

Lead Coach

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