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Olympic Values Medals

The Olympic Values can play an important part in life on and off the courts. We want to inspire young children to enjoy sport, learn new skills, build new friendships, strive to achieve their goals and grow in confidence.  Children can earn these medals by showing these qualities: 

RESPECT (blue)

Listening and supporting others

Showing consideration

Following the rules


Excellent behaviour

Firm resolve

Focused attitude


Doing your best

Striving for improvement

Achieving your goals


Pushing to achieve your best

Strength of will

Working hard

EQUALITY (blue, white & red)

Equal treatment of all

Tolerance and understanding

Fair play



Team work

Being brilliant


Being a positive role model

Enjoying sport when you win or lose

Using your achievements to lead the way for others

Here's why we use wooden medals:

Reduced carbon footprint

Sustainable materials

Less energy used

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