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Terms & Conditions

Holiday Workshops & Weekly Classes



Customers must ensure when registering a child their details are accurate and up to date in all respects at the point of booking. Any changes should be sent to Bright Star Sports immediately.

Customers are not required to accompany their children during these sessions or remain at the premises during the class/workshop. However, customers are welcome to view from appropriate viewing galleries or side lines where there is sufficient space.

Customers should aim to arrive no more than 10 minutes before a class/workshop. Customers should drop-off and collect children from the designated area. 

Customers must inform Bright Star Sports of any special medical conditions at the point of booking. This includes any special educational needs. It is advised that children requiring (prescription) medication should take it prior to attending  as appropriate. For children who need to self-administer medication during a workshop (e.g. an asthma inhaler), the customer should advise the coach of their permission for their child to do this.

The customer or child should not attend whilst suffering with any serious illness or contagious disease.

Customers and children must follow health and safety procedures as advised to them by their coach.

All lead coaches hold up-to-date first aid certificates and are fully DBS checked.

Customers accept that at times there will be physical contact between the coach and their child in a professional, caring manner.

Customers are advised to bring a drink for their child and please feel free to add a healthy snack to their kit bag. Please avoid snacks that contain nuts.

Coaches make every effort to avoid injury during classes/workshops. In the event an injury should occur, coaches will administer appropriate first aid to children as required. Where an illness or an injury requires further emergency medical treatment, customers give their permission (if not observing the class and not contactable by phone) for this treatment to take place by signing the registration form/joining the class.

Lost property found at coaching venues will be kept for a period of four weeks. During this time every effort will be made to return lost property but it may be disposed of if it remains unclaimed.


Photography (other than by pre-arranged consent) is not permitted at any time.




Fees are payable in advance of the class/workshop commencing.

In the event of a class/workshop being cancelled by a coach, customers will be credited for that class/workshop.

If a class/workshop is cancelled part way through, customers will only be credited if they were in attendance, and for the part of the class/workshop that had to be cancelled.

The class/workshop fees are not refundable however due to unforeseen circumstances a future date may be offered, following a discussion and written consent of Bright Star Sports.


All customers are expected to abide by the terms and conditions set out above. In the unlikely event where a customer fails to do this, we may request that they no longer continue classes/workshops with Bright Star Sports.




Our coaches regularly survey customers to ensure that they are very happy and satisfied with the service provided and can support us in positive developments for the future.

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