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Adult And Children's Weekly Classes

Badminton Classes

Age Groups 7 - 16 Years 

Age appropriate badminton classes that encourage children to learn new skills, techniques and tactics. They learn the specific badminton movements  which require coordination and control of the racket. This can provide children with opportunities to develop their discipline, motivation and confidence. Warm ups and games are great for building teamwork, learning to cooperate, meet new friends and have fun.

Badminton Mixed Doubles


Decision making skills, spatial awareness and continued work on direction and control of movement and racket work


Learning to move in different ways with timing and start to develop specific badminton movements 


Communication skills improved as work together in games and in practices


The children will use the skills they’ve learnt in game situations with team mates and vs the coach


Continuing to enjoy physical challenges, learn new sport specific sport skills and refine existing ones.


Game situations help to teach an understanding of winning and losing, and supporting each other. 

Multi Sport Classes
Age Groups 2.5 - 5 Years (Pre-School)

These sessions are the children’s first experience of sport participation and we want this to be a positive and happy experience. Through these sessions the team will work to develop coordination,  control and increasing your child's confidence. The skills learnt here will be laying the foundations of movement to support the more sport specific and difficult skills that are required as they get older. Children at the early stages of this programme may not be able to follow lots of instruction but we work to be creative to ensure the children are improving their skills whilst having lots fun!


Balance, jumping, strength, co-ordination, listening and taking turns. 


Lots of opportunities to move in a varied pattern to help the learning of how to move 


Lots of smiles to support the beginnings of an active and healthy lifetsyle


Small groups allow coaches to set a pace for young children


Working in a small group and willingly trying new activities


Creative activities to encourage colour and number recognition 


Badminton Classes

Ladies Classes

Ideal for beginners or those wanting to improve their game. Gentle exercise, meet other ladies, have some fun whilst learning new skills in this relaxed friendly environment. All equipment  provided.


Contact derby@brightstarsports for further information.


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